Gliding Memories – 2020


While plans for a vacation can and will often change in the field, due to weather, or just the unexpected, there are some rare vacations when every detail flows according to the plan. Well, almost every detail…

On January 1, 2020, we embarked on a canoe trip to the Everglades National Park to retrace our first paddling journey in 2009. Ten years after that first journey, while some things seem the same, we were definitely not quite the same.

Thank you for taking the time to come along and enjoy our 103 minute long video diary. We tried to make room for each of you in our canoe… 🙂

Please, don’t forget to click on the “HD” letters and choose the 1080p for the best viewing quality.

Enjoy!… :)


Seasick & Grumpy

Te Pito o Te Henua – 2019

“And now, for something completely different”…


…we should see if Seasick and Grumpy can tame a trip to keep in step with a 81 years old “recruit”. Or, if a 81 years old “recruit” can keep in step with a Seasick and Grumpy trip…


“Te Pito o Te Henua / The Navel of the World” is a 135 minutes video diary trip to Argentina and Chile at the end of 2018. From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, from Cape Horn and the Magellan Strait to Easter Island and the Atacama Desert, the video will help you keep in step with this odd team…


It’s a circus all right. Enjoy!… :)


Seasick & Grumpy

“Echoes of a Kiss” – 2018

While some plans work well to the smallest details and other plans are completely derailed by unforseen circumstances, adaptability and teamwork remain the only means to move forward.

We visited “Bluie East Two”, a former US Army base from World Wor II located in East Greenland, in 2014 and four years later, in 2018, we decided to retrace our steps and find the echoes of a kiss shared at the Blue Hut.

The endeavor reminded us how precious the time we spend together is and how important it is to embrace graciously whatever nature, or fate, throws at you.

We tried to balance the magical solitude of Greenland with a fast paced road trip through Iceland.

Thank you for taking the time to come along and share the glimpses of our 167 minute long video diary.

Please, don’t forget to click on the “HD” letters and choose the 1080p for the best viewing quality.

Ragi Pañi Mo ( Al Rayo Del Sol ) – 2017

Although not as rough as the Australian ride on the Canning Stock Route, fasten your seatbelts one more time, chuck a coldie and pop-corn and hop on a smaller Toyota for a 5,003 Km ride through the relentless winds of la pampa and Tierra del Fuego, from Buenos Aires to Torres del Paine, Punta Arenas and Ushuaia…

This might be the last episode of the “Travelotherapy” series. Thank you very much for staying with us all these years.

Please, don’t forget to click on the “HD” letters and choose the 1080p for the best viewing quality.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Argentine and Chilean hosts and, of course, to all the musicians that made the presentation of this video diary much more appealing through their creativity and generosity.

“Yiwarra Kuju” – 2017

Yiwarra Kuju is a hidden gem, deep in the Australian Outback, somewhere between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Seasick & Grumpy invite you aboard a tough 4×4 Troopie for a 7,457 Km journey from Cape Tribulation, on the Pacific Coast, to Coral Bay and Perth, on the Indian Ocean Coast.

Driving from the green waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the equally green waters of the Ningaloo Reef took us through the red sand dunes of the Canning Stock Route (Yiwarra Kuju) and the majestic Australian Outback.

We are very grateful to the Aboriginal Communities that own the land for granting us the privilege to drive across this historic track and visit the mysterious beauty of the desert. We also want to thank all the Australians that welcomed us with their warm smile.

Fasten you seatbelts, grab a coldie and enjoy the long ride… 🙂

Please, don’t forget to click on the “HD” letters and choose the 1080p for the best viewing quality.

“Qivittoq- 2016”

You are invited to screen in the comfort and safety of your favorite armchair the most recent video diary from “Doi Nomazi” aka Captain Seasick and Captain Grumpy.
Qivittoq- 2016 will allow you to become part of the Scoresbysund trip and participate to the many details of their journey.
We tried to offer you the most complete and detailed immersion into the experience.


You may feel the excitement that animates each of their steps, you may feel the glacial embrace of  the distant northern breeze and, if you listen carefully, you may even hear your own heartbeat as you start dreaming of a similar trip.

Melting Whispers – 2015

“Melting Whispers – 2015” is a 163 minute long video diary filmed with consumer grade equipment during our paddling journey on the East Arm of Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Seduced by the powerful descriptions of John Muir and Rev. Samuel Hall Young, we tried to follow the echoes of their 1879 journey to Glacier Bay.

We never seek to establish any records, conquer peaks, or blaze new paths. We are just two, mostly sedentary, urban dwellers who enjoy the magic beauty and the untamed freedom offered by the wilderness.

We also love movies. We love watching movies and we have fun playing with cameras and editing. This video diary takes you aboard the Easy Rider Beluga tandem kayak and allows you to experience some visual and emotional details of our journey.

We hope that our video diary will inspire you to fall in love with nature and embrace your own outdoors adventure.


Urban Pulse – 2014 (Winter Vignettes)

“Urban Pulse – 2014” is a 79 minute long video diary that brings you the winter vignettes from a relaxing trip to Key West, Florida.

After paddling the spectacular Everglades National Park five winters in a row and while we’ll never give up paddling and sailing our folding tandem kayak, aka the mighty U-Boat, we thought of indulging in the comfort of an outboard motor…

Hop along on a lazy trip and enjoy the various flavors of action, from motor boating in our new inflatable KaBoat, to snorkeling and sky diving. Ride a scooter and stroll with us on Duval Street and through the mysterious passages of Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas.

OK, we spared you our bad singing this time. Well, kind of… 🙂

Special thanks, for his warm welcoming and hospitality, to Randy at Burdines Marina in Marathon, Florida.

Bluie East Two – 2014

“Bluie East Two – 2014” is a 151 minute long video diary filmed on our paddling journey on the magical east coast of Greenland.

Although you will continue to relax in the comfort of your favorite couch, this rather long video diary will bring you to each and every step of the endeavor, from the planning stage, to the post-scriptum. You’ll be able to share the pain and the joy of the two nomads, their silly bad acting and the victories of solid team work.

This video diary is also a humble tribute to the Esprit de Corps, team work and, above all, to all the men and women in uniform.

Are you ready? Welcome aboard the “U-Boat”, a Long Haul Mark II Commando tandem kayak!

Please, sing along, because the two nomads sure need a lot of help singing… 🙂

(completed and published on Veterans Day 2014)